Monday, January 3, 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

Patrick surprised me with a bag of assorted new gym clothes this afternoon, which I must declare I just LOVE. I was quick to put a set on and go outside to do today's training - iPhone in hand. 

It wasn't long before the virtual film was rolling and I shot a YouTube video announcing my delight over this fabulous gift.  During my session, I felt I needed to say more (me? really?) and shot a second video that explores self worth and how it drives my decisions to purchase cheap, crappy gym gear.

Two videos was obviously not enough for one day, so I hit record again to capture something that has taken me aback. I explore the depths of self abuse and speak openly about my own battle with beating myself up. It's probably my most honest account about this subject and the act of speaking so openly about it has me feeling free. The video I am referring to is embedded on this page below (email subscribers, please click here).

If you or anyone you know suffers from persistent self abuse, I hope this video shows you that you're not alone. It's horrible pattern that needs to be healed I hope that by trailing grace, we can all reach a state of peace.

Until tomorrow, if you're feeling itchy - don't stop scratching till you've got the spot (that'll only make sense after watching the video below, so go on - click play).

Grace xx 

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