Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Well, what an incredible two and a half weeks I've had since my last post.

Firstly, the Tour Down Under was AMAZING. Hosting a group of wonderful cyclists and enthusiastic cycling fans from around the country, and indeed the globe, was one of the best experiences I've had in a very long time. Not to mention staying at the Hilton Hotel, cycling central, and having several close encounters with cycling legends - too many to name.

The days were long, nights were short and there was barely enough time to go to the toilet, much less to keep up with my daily blogging. The sacrifice was rewarded with great feedback from the guests and as a result, may have opened doors to continue working in Europe. More on that later ;-)

Pat and I returned home last Tuesday to face yet another full week that started with an information evening at my local gym. I have put together a 6-week pilot project to create a nurturing community for women where we support and inspire each other to achieve both fitness and life goals. If the project is deemed successful by the participants, it will be an ongoing part of membership privileges. I have already bonded with several women and am really excited about what that will bring.

Following the delivery of my info session, I caught up with some friends for a barbecue where discussions led to my entering the New York marathon. I declared that despite it being a lottery, I was determined to do it no matter what - even if it meant running the course the night before the event. My friend's husband told me that I needn't go to such extremes and that there were certain charities that get allocated a certain number of guaranteed places and that if I were to align myself with one of them, I'd be in it. Naturally, that go my brain ticking.

I then continued onto Australia Day celebrations the following day at my parent's house by the sea. I was surrounded by family and friends, having a wonderful time. It was the perfect restoration before getting back to my life. My REAL life.

Thursday morning the trainers went on, and so too did my iPhone video camera. Several uploads to YouTube later, I was ready to take the next step - find myself that charity. So without further ado - I'll let you watch the video, which says it all (email subscribers click here).

Until tomorrow, take another step towards realising your dream.

Grace xx

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