Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project 365 in 2011

Towards the end of last year, I was invited to partake in a Facebook group called 'Project 365 in 2011'. The object is to take a photo every day and upload it onto the group page.

This has proved to be a very interesting project indeed - and one that is gaining a surprising amount of interest.

Firstly, it forces me to seek something photo-worthy each day. This means I'm seeing the world with different eyes. Things that I would ordinarily just walk past now become objects of interest.

Not only am I looking at the world differently, I'm also expanding the way I think about what I am capturing. I've learned that a good photo in this project is not only about the images, but also a title that is clever, quirky or both.

Take today's photo for example is a tightly cropped photo of a wall that I have been running past every morning for 8 weeks. Today, I saw something that made me go 'click' - literally and metaphorically. The title? Liquidation.

Love it.

Until tomorrow, seek beauty and magic in every day things and watch how it brightens up your life.

Grace xx

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