Friday, February 18, 2011

What the blog?

You may have noticed that Trailing Grace has been very stop start, all over the place, and with no real direction.

Guess what?

So have I.

Aside from my training in preparation for the New York City marathon, the rest of my life has been like an erratic pinball bouncing around from one end of the machine to another - ting, bling, flash, shake, woooooo, yeah, ahr, no, boo. 

I couldn't ignore the decline in numbers and the interaction I had enjoyed with Project Grace 2010 taking a dive. It was disheartening. However on the upside, everytime I'd post a Facebook status about a personal acheivement in my marathon training - the response was overwhelming.

This got me thinking...

Trailing Grace was to be a central spot for people who know me to keep track of me - whether I'm hosting a cycling tour, preparing for a marathon, publishing a children's book, producing a song or having moments of enlightenment - you can always drop in for a virtual visit. But for those that don't know me - it's pretty boring.

You see, when you're a 'somebody', everybody wants to know EVERYTHING about you - what you ate for breakfast, who you met for lunch, where did you go, what did you talk about and what brand of toilet paper you use. On the other hand, when you're a 'nobody' - people don't care. And let's be honest - right now, in the big wide blogging world, I am a nobody. This will no doubt hinder me on my road to world blog domination ;-)

So how do I become a somebody?

I write about things that people want to read - call it marketing if you will [gasp!].

If the response to my Facebook post is anything to go by - people are interested, even inspired, by my journey to New York. So in light of that, a new blog - 9 Months To New York - was born.

9 Months To New York is specifically about my mental, physical and emotional journey to the New York City marathon. It's the blog that you subscribe to by email, you share on Facebook, tell all your friends, family and colleagues about, and wait for each post with bated breath. It's the blog that everybody tells everybody about and in a few years there'll be a movie about it and you'll get to say "I was following Grace waaaaaaaay before the rest of the world was"... and you'll be cool (which I already know), and everybody will want to know what your next hot tip is. 

So what will happen to Trailing Grace? 

Well, Trailing Grace was to be what it was always intended to be - a central spot for people who know me to keep track of me. So watch this space and see what else evolves in this bustling world of mine. 

Until next time, allow your pinball to settle before shooting it straight where you want it to go.

Grace xx


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