Thursday, February 10, 2011

Throw me a lifeline!

I've done it again...

All this running has given me energy to burn. In the past, I'd have taken the edge off with one or twenty glasses of wine, followed by vodka, mystery cocktails and dancing till 5am. This would have ensured that the next few days were spent recovering on the couch.

This time, in place of wine, I have taken on projects, tasks and commitments. Too many. When you've got energy to burn, that's all well and good. But when you hit a bump in the road, it all gets too much.

That's where I am now. Completely overwhelmed by all that I've taken on and feeling exhausted. My run yesterday was testament to that. I felt completely crap. It's time to take stock and prioritise things in life. Pursue what's important and dump what isn't.

I am having a tug of war between head and head (aka parent and child) over work pursuits - and have been doing so for some time now. I watched an Indian movie called 3 Idiots last night that touched on this subject. Follow your passion and your fortune will follow. That's what I want to do, but then comes the responsibility of being an adult and having to put food on the table.

So what is my passion?


I love blogging. Seriously. I love sharing my life, my stories, my insights, my challenges, my triumphs. I love knowing that perhaps somewhere in this big wide world, I might connect with someone who needs to know they're not alone. I love the idea that remotely, we may share a laugh or a tear.

Knowing we're not alone gives us comfort. Knowing there are others who have walked the path before us gives us assurance. Knowing that personal mountains can be conquered, gives us courage. Knowing that it all can be done with a smile, gives us inspiration.

We are all connected by similar fears, feelings and challenges. If I am facing this, then perhaps you are too. Let's talk. If I need a lifeline, then maybe you do too.

Until tomorrow, connect with those around you when you need a reminder you're not alone.

Grace xx

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